Thursday, September 11, 2014

Jewelry Options for Austin City Limits Festival

The great music festival is about to happen and all the lovely audience is busy preparing for the event. We know that you are thinking about which dress to wear, what accessories will compliment it and which jewelry to choose to look special and unique.

Jewelry Options for Austin City Limits Festival

Let us help you clear your confusion a little and guide you with the stylish and trendy jewelry options. Let us have a look at them:

1) Earrings: It can be said that no woman feels herself complete without a pair of earrings on her earlobe! It gives a touch of sophistication and style to the face of the wearer. You can choose to wear a pair of studs, dangle earrings, hoops or any other style that suits you the most. You will have to take care to choose the one that best goes with your face shape. You can also opt for the plain metal earrings (in the metal of your choice) or you can play with the colors and look for the ones that have gemstones studded to them.

Round Amethyst Pink Sapphire and Diamond EarringsOval Amethyst and Citrine Three-Stone Halo Earrings

2) Necklaces: This can be the most interesting piece of jewelry. You can choose the same thing as earrings by opting for the plain metal chains or the ones having the pendants which have the glamour of the gemstones. Another interesting option will be to wear the beaded necklaces. The teen girls like wearing more than one necklace and they flaunt them very fondly. You can wear the necklace having beads of same color or the ones that have multi colored beads.

Three-Stone Amethyst Necklace with Diamond HalosRound Emerald Linear Journey Pendant

3) Rings: The most important part of the jewelry list for any female still remains the rings. You can wear the diamond ring and it will never go wrong with any type of your dress. It will simply adorn your finger and add dazzle to your personality. Other gemstones such as ruby, sapphire, emerald, tanzanite etc will work too, if chosen according to the dress type. Cocktail rings look good and you can ponder over wearing them.

Oval Tanzanite and Diamond Vintage RingMarquise Black Onyx Gemstone Ring

4) Bracelets: Same thing that goes with the necklaces can be applied here too. You can wear the bracelets that are made in metals, or have gemstones or are beaded. The latest trend is to wear the ones that have beads of different shapes and sizes and colors!

Signature CharmStar Charm

Monday, September 1, 2014

How to Buy Sapphire Bands Online

As the month of September has begun, many of us are looking forward to buying some sapphire jewelry for us and our loved ones. As the times have changes, some of us may ponder about buying them online and just like shopping with the traditional brick and mortar jewelry shops, online jewelry needs a careful shopping as well.

buy Sapphire Bands Online

Let’s discuss some points to be kept in mind while shopping for sapphire jewelry:

1) Whether you are buying a sapphire anniversary band, ring, a pair of earrings or any other piece of jewelry, you should first of all think about the amount of money you can spend on it. It is always safe to stick to your budget and in this way the fear of over expenditure can be avoided.

2) Always check the reputation of the online jewelry store before placing the final order. For the same you can check the reviews of its previous customers.

3) Most of the stores give the facility to personalize the chosen jewelry by choosing quality of the gem, its carat weight, metal type and other such options. This way you can get the jewelry of your taste in your budget.

4) Do not forget to compare the price of the jewelry with other online stores. This is an easy process and it will help you see if the store is charging you reasonably or not.

5) Check if the store can ship the jewelry to your place or not. Also, check if this service is chargeable or free.

6) Last, but not the least, do not forget to check the store’s social media pages like Facebook, Google Plus etc. Most of the stores run special offers here and you can end up getting a flat discount or a freebee with your purchase.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Affordable Engagement Rings

Every man dreams to present to his love the most beautiful ring while popping up the question. And, it is totally agreed that he should do it as it is the moment to be cherished for life and the ring is to be worn for life. But, not everyone can afford the sky high prices of the diamond and the gemstone rings and they are left puzzled about what to do with a limited budget range.

Colored Gemstone Rings Sets

Today, we will talk here about the fascinating rings that can grab her heart in moments and you do not have to break your bank to purchase them. These are the rings having alternate gemstones for the expensive ones. Let’s check them out-

1) Green Rings: You can buy the glamorous green rings for her by getting her peridot rings. They are beautiful and attractive and you can find a large collection of these rings online. We are sure that your choice will we welcomed and she will like the fascinating peridot ring.

Green Rings

2) Red Rings: If she is the lover of red color, then get her garnet ring. The amazing color and the attractive design will make her flaunt off the ring fondly.

Red Ring

3) Blue Rings: The soothing calming color of the seas and the oceans comes your way in the form of tanzanite rings. Let her enjoy the wonderful blue ring on her that finger.

Blue Ring

4) Sparkling Rings: The dazzling moissanite rings are the ones which can bring a big smile on her face. Make them the symbol of your eternal love.

Sparkling Ring

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Stunning Engagement Rings

When it is the time to pop up the question to the love of your life, then hunt for a beautiful ring is on the top priority. Though, most of the people love the diamond ring to be the symbol of the love soaked proposal, yet the charm of gemstone e-rings is no less. Let us check out stunning colored gemstone rings at

The rings in this stone look irresistibly beautiful. You can have the sapphire ring in colors like blue and pink. There are a number of Hollywood actresses who have fondly chosen this gem for their special rings.

Ruby Engagement Rings:

The red colored stone looks way too charming when studded in any ring. The ruby stone is also associated with love and passionate feelings due to its color. Its fiery red color makes it apt to be combined with other gems as well.

Emerald Engagement Rings:

The lush green color of this gem is enough to attract the hearts of the onlookers. We all are well aware about Elizabeth Taylor’s endless love for this gem. Many other celebs too love this gem and rings having emeralds in them look exceptionally beautiful.

The best thing about these rings at the store is that you can get them custom made and personalize them according to your choice and budget. It will be an interesting way to propose the girl with unique ring!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Gemstone Wedding Bands

Often, the brides to be are seen confused about which kind of wedding band to pick for them. It is very obvious for them to be confused as this band will not only be the center of attraction on the special day but also adorn their finger for the rest of their lives. Let us read about the various kinds of bands available and the most popular ones-

Ruby Bands:

Red Ruby Bands

You can find beautiful women’s bands studded in this red colored stone. You can opt for the ones that display the beauty of single ruby, or the ones having ruby stones in large number. The diamond and ruby band are no less in beauty and charm.

Emerald Bands:

Emerald Bands

The bands that have green colored emeralds in them are very popular these days. People consider this as sacred stone as they associate it with the goddess of love-Venus. So, the relationship of love, ‘wedding’ is the best ocassion to wear band in this stone.

Sapphire Bands:

Sapphire Bands

The blue colored stone display an unmatched beauty and women like sapphire stone to be studded in their bands too much. Needless to say, The bands never fail to adorn the hands of the bride for her all life.

Diamond Bands:

Diamond Bands

Most loved type of bands, the diamond bands have ruled the hearts of women since long. Their charm is unbeatable and women love them as they go with every kind of engagement ring.